SUREFIRE Registration starts at 8:15am and we end at 5pm.
Our Community Village is open until 6pm

Make sure you come early to win prizes and to get your best selection of workshops!

Surefire Girls Agenda

8:15am – Registration / Community Village

9:30am – Welcome

10:10am – Mainstage

10:55am – Workshop

12:00pm – Lunch

12:30pm – Mainstage

1:45pm – Workshop

3:00pm – Workshop

4:15pm – Mainstage

5:00pm – 6:00pm – Community Village

Parent’s Track Agenda

8:15am – Registration / Community Village

9:30am – Welcome

10:10am – Mainstage

10:55am – How to Talk to Your Teen

12:00pm – Lunch

12:30pm – Mainstage

1:45pm – Teens and Tech

3:00pm – College Prep & Finance

4:15pm – Mainstage

5:00pm – 6:00pm – Community Village

We believe in 3 main attitudes for success at a SUREFIRE event (and beyond!)

Discover Your Own Awesome

Celebrate Other Girls’ Awesome

Cultivate an Abundance Mentality


You will have a chance to choose 3 workshops out of our 10 topics.  It’s first-come, first-serve, so make sure you come early on the day, to get your top picks and win prizes in the Community Village!

How to tell your
(Social Media) Story

Speakers: Lucie Fink (Refinery 29) / Lauren Magenta (Spoon University)

We all have a story to tell, and whether it’s on our Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat accounts, we are telling the world who we are everyday. But are we consciously creating our own narrative or letting it be created for us? Come and learn from a couple of powerful young women how to create your own story on social media. Lucie Fink from Refinery29 and Lauren Magenta from Spoon University will tell you what it takes to create a career from producing your own content. For the aspiring social media influencer, blogger or video producer, this is your place to be.

Red Carpet Ready

Speaker: Madison Limansky (Farasha) / Maria Bailey

What looks the best on everyone, no matter their body type? Confidence! Inspire confidence in yourself by learning to pick out your best traits and accentuating the body you already have. After all, a confident woman is a powerful woman.

Foot in the Door

Speakers: Dianne Rivera (Goldman Sachs) / Sarah Starkey (Women Lawyers of Utah) / Girl Scouts

Sometimes the best way to get the job of your dreams later, is to start preparing now. So, what do you need to have your in your ‘get-a-dream-job-toolkit’? You need a killer resume, so that’s one thing. Then you need to master the interview and more. We’ll chat about what you want, how to pick the right classes to get you there, and position you as the perfect candidate.

Time for Change

Speakers: Anna Blue (GirlUp) / Amanda Brock (Spark) / Dianna Mao (Nomi Network)

You want a change! You have a mission! Now how do you get the thing done? How can you be heard? Every girl can be a changemaker, and we’re here to give you the skills and tools to make your voice loud and proud. There are plenty of things in this world that could be better, so let’s get out there and change them! If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

Geek is Chic

Speaker: Liz Schulte (SpyHop) / Tami O’Neil (Pluralsight)

Gone are the days of hiding your smarts to fit in! With the tech boom, geekery is in and there’s no better time to be a brainiac. Do you want to create your own website, program a video game, or even build your own rocketship? Learn how to make a career out of doing whatever makes you really geek out.

Dream Big

Speakers: Sonita Alizadeh, Aimee Oberndorfer Le, Benafsha Tasmim (

Just because something seems impossible, doesn’t mean it is. Sonita knows. She had an impossible dream, and is now living it as a rapper, artist and activist. She’s performed on national and international stages and spoken to world leaders. But she got here because she had a dream and worked hard to see it come true. Let her show you how to turn your dreams into reality too.

All About the Benjamins

Speaker: Robbyn Scribner (Women’s Leadership Initiative at UVU) / Kitty Friedman (Park City Community Foundation)/(Zions Bank) / Heidi Prokop (Zions Bank)

Who doesn’t want money – and more of it? But once you get it, how do you budget it, manage it, and keep it? And what if you want to give some of it away? Or maybe you want to invest it? Life involves managing money no matter what your life path. So let’s talk about those Bennies and get them to work for us and what we want.

The U for You

Speaker: Julie Glusker (Aptitude Academics) / TBD

Figuring out the college thing can be a maze – from prep, applications, to admissions and more. But what do you really need to know? We’re here to tell you the nitty gritty including what it costs and how to find the school that’s right for you. After all it’s about discovering the right U for YOU, isn’t it?

Stand Your Ground

Speaker: U of U Go Girlz Facilitators / TBD

Life is full of tough situations. From online bullies to real-life scenarios, everyone should learn to defend herself. Whether this be through a look, a walk, verbal skills, or even physical ones, we need to know we can stand our ground, no matter the situation. These speakers will give you practical tools to use in whatever difficult moments you may encounter.

Hey Mirror – I’m awesome!

Speaker: Girls on the Run / Ashley Hagensick, Rebecca Winn (TOSH)

You know all those times when magazines, billboards and social media told you – You Are Enough! Yeah, right. But you know what, you ARE. So how do you stay healthy and body-positive in a world of notsomuch? Well, we’re here to talk about how to treat your body as your best ally with tips on the healthy stuff (workouts & meals etc) but also a good dose of Oprah-style inner strength. Time to discover your awesome!

Additional Programming

Body Talk

Speaker: Julie Dolan, MD / Carol Osborn, MD

Ever googled something about your body out of sincere curiosity but been mortified that someone would find out? We’ll provide the space to safely ask those body questions– so long as you provide the questions to our fabulous doctor. Don’t be afraid– she’s heard it all! First come, first served – she’ll be in the Community Village all day.

Talk it Out

Speaker: Leah Harter, M.A. LCMHC

Sometimes you don’t have a plan. Or an agenda. Maybe things are confusing. Or they hurt. Or they just are, and you need someone to listen. We’re here. All day. Really. All day. Come by. No judgement, just open ears.

Parent Track

Hard Conversations Made Easier

Speaker: Leah Harter, M.A. LCMHC

Teens. Phew! What to say, how to say it, what to talk about? Transitioning to and through the teen years can be tough for everyone involved! So let’s talk openly and honestly about the how-tos, the what-ifs, and the what to dos. Let’s chat.

Teens and Tech

Speaker: Women’s Tech Council / Moderator: Lauren Hansen, ACMHC

Online. All-the-time. It’s a wild world out there, not only for us, but the online generation. What boundaries make sense? Should there be any? And apps, tons of apps! We want to help navigate the maze and understand the online world through the teen lens and parent perspective.

College Prep

Speaker: Mikki O’Connor (University of Utah) / Kristin Mannum (University of Utah) / TBD

If college is the goal, what’s the path? We’ve got some great representation from the schools right here in Salt Lake City. They want to share the way to get to what you and your girls want. It’s about finding the right U, after all. We’ll have some of those representatives here to tell you more about how you can help your daughters get into college, finance for college, and how you can help prepare your daughter for this next big step.


Below is a list of organizations which are resources for you either nationally or right here in Utah! Please note the below does not necessarily mean that they endorsed by or involved with SUREFIRE. We provide this as a courtesy resource list only. Contact us if your organization would like to be included.

Please be patient with us as we update this list – we’ve had a lot of interest!

Girls on the Run
Girl Scouts
United Way / Women United
Leonardo Museum
Women’s Enrollment Initiative: University of Utah
Utah Valley University
Woodbury School of Business
She Tech
Women of the World
Bright Futures
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake
Chick Tech
Flying Tiger Self Defense
Girls in Aviation
Girls Rock n Roll Camp
Intermountain Health Care
Wasatch Academy
Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition
Utah Division of Family Services
Women’s Tech Council
Go Girlz
Girls Go Digital
University of Utah – Women’s Resource Center
Utah Anti-Bullying Initiative
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Center for Change
TOSH – Intermountain Health Care
Aptitude Academics